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Volume 31, Issue 2
Published Date : 02 Dec 2013

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Literasi Maklumat: Penggunaan Modul E-Pembelajaran untuk Sesi Kemahiran Maklumat di Perpustakaan Universiti Malaya
Shamsiah Abu Bakar,
The University of Malaya Library has taken the intellectual initiative to ensure that the campus community could get exposure to information literacy through the Information Skills Session that was introduced in 2002. The Information Skills Session is a session that equips users with the usage of the EndNote software, Turnitin software, information searching in UM Pendeta WebPAC and UM Online Databases. Every session will be facilitated by a librarian with a maximum of 15 users in a computer laboratory with Internet access since each session requires hands-on. This approach is not only through sessions that are setup every week, but also involves the Research Methodology sessions conducted at the Faculty, sessions for researchers, research assistants, lecturers and postgraduate students. This session is heavily promoted through the Library website, liaison librarians and Karnival Jom Masuk UM. With the advancement of technology, the University of Malaya stepped up in teaching Information Skills with the use of an e-learning platform known as SPECTRUM. SPECTRUM is an e-learning platform that enables announcements, slides, notes, forum, video, training and evaluation forms to be accessed by users online. Users are able to access the slides and notes provided in SPECTRUM to better understand all the sessions conducted. Findings from the evaluation forms for 2012 showed that users were satisfied with every session conducted. User education via information literacy on the e-learning platform at the University of Malaya can be enhanced through online tutorials of several databases with specific subjects and it is a medium of communication between users and the librarians. This platform can be the focal point for lecturers, postgraduate students and researchers and act as guidance and reference for them to produce quality research in order to achieve the mission and vision of UM aligned with Vision 2020.

Building an Institutional Repository at the University of Malaya: UM Research Repository
Mohd Faizal Hamzah, Ranita Hisham, Ilina Syazwani Musa,
The way information is stored, retrieved and displayed is now changing. Printed materials can now be retrieved in digitized format to support knowledge sharing among researchers and students. Many universities in Malaysia, especially Research Universities, are heading towards implementing digital content in their organization. Digital repositories are also one of the initiatives taken by academic libraries in Research Universities to move towards the establishment of digital libraries. Preserving records, mainly research articles, is a vital approach to increase visibility of researchers and to be on par with the initiatives from other higher ranked universities in the world. The purpose of this paper is to provide a summary of the experiences in setting up an institutional repository at the University of Malaya Library, focusing on some of the key issues that need to be considerred, the teamwork involved, the choices made and the challenges faced. The University Malaya Research Repository is an open access digital archive containing details of published and unpublished research works produced by the University of Malaya staff and researchers. In supporting this project, the University of Malaya Library chose EPrints as a tool in line with the status of an established Research University in Malaysia. In conclusion, digital repositories sustain the creation of visibility among researchers and students worldwide. Access to the data is unlimited and enables researchers to communicate and network among themselves for their professioned development.

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