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Volume 31, Issue 1
Published Date : 01 Jan 2013

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The Need for Records Management & Records Retention Schedule in an Organization
Muhamad Faizal Abd Aziz,
Good records management method and the provision of records retention schedules in an organization is very important because it can maximize operational cost savings and the availability of space within an organization. Managing records are crucial because records are created daily especially in large organizations. A systematic method in managing records will assist the smooth administration of an organization and minimize operational cost. Not all records need to be kept because the cost of managing and keeping the records would have a huge impact on the budget and would also require larger space. Therefore, there is a pressing need for an organization to create a table known as 'Records Retention Schedule’ (RRS). By creating the RRS, it can be used as a guide in the organization to dispose of active and inactive records based on the criteria that have been established.

Outreach to Faculty and Academics
Janaki Sinnasamy, Koh Ai Peng,
Facilities and services provided by libraries, often if not always, are carried out in isolation rather than involving the faculties and users. For users to benefit however, it is crucial that they are at least aware of the library services. Policies and notices in library websites are only accessible when users visit the site. Similarly, brochures, handbooks and posters which libraries have always been fond of, only reach those who are physically in the library or where the posters are. Much information does not reach the absent or remote majority. It is a grave situation where users do not know the benefits they can obtain from libraries. Whilst libraries and librarians can pride themselves with the various continual efforts taken with user satisfaction in mind, it is time to take a step back and view the library and information policies from the users perspective. This papers attempts to study the awareness of the library facilities and services among the academics at the University of Malaya. In a short online survey among the academics, it was found that the range of awareness of the library services and facilities ranged from 25% to 85%.

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