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Dato' Dr. Zaiton Osman,, Sharipah Hanon Bidin, Tan Sri Dr. Abdullah Sanusi,
The issue that has been plaguing library managers is one of lack of credibility --- of not being able to demonstrate their relevance to their organisations, of not being able to convince their organisations that their libraries are integral to the achievement of organisational goals. Playing a peripheral role has relegated librarians to being second-class citizens in their own organisations. Against such odds, how do librarians cope with the changes and challenges, brought by the 2151 century - changes and challenges in the form of ICT, globalisation, lifelong education, knowledge management, etc. The authors are of the opinion that in order to cope with the changes and challenges posed by the 2151 century, the onus is on library managers to devise strategies that would provide libraries with the competitive edge in the information delivery business despite the competition posed by computer companies, knowledge management companies and other professionals who have taken advantage of the opportunities provided by ICT and the world-wide demand for knowledge workers. Library managers must be held accountable for their libraries' performance just as they must be held accountable for the non-performance or non-delivery of their libraries. In order to be accountable library managers would have to strategise by having in place welldesigned strategic plans, efficient organisation, capable leadership and effective control measures. Accountability therefore should be the cornerstone of library management in the 2151 century.

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