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Bentuk Tajuk Nama: Perubahan-Perubahan Oi Dalam Katalog-Katalog Perpustakaan Universiti Malaya
Molly Chuah, Jalaludin Hj. Musa, Noriyah Nor Abd. Rahim,
Before 7982, description of items in the University of Malaya Library card catalogues was done in accordance with rules specified in the first edition of the Anglo- American Cataloging Rules (AACR 7) with some local modifications. However with effect from 7st January 7982, the main author-title and subject card catalogues were closed. Records of new items are processed in MALMARC format and maintained in microfiche format (t.e. COM catalogue). Along with these changes, the Library has also decided to adopt the rules for description of items as laid down in the second edition of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR 2). Essentially, the new headings formulated will be in the form most likely to be known to readers, i.e. the form most commonly appearing in works or citations, unlike the inverted or indirect forms found in many of the old AACR 7 entries. Consequently, some headings in the card catalogue will be In conflict with those in the COM catalogue. To facilitate the use of the catalogues, It is therefore essential that we bring our readers' attention to the major changes in the following types of name headings: personal author, corporate bodies, series, geographic names and uniform titles.

Entri Katalog COM: Setengah Ciri Baru
Mercy P. Selvaratnam,
The card catalogue in the University of Malaya Library has been closed as from 7.7.82 and all records of items catalogued since that date under the MALMARC system are located in the COM (Computer Output Microfiche) catalogue. The purpose of this article is to familiarize the users with the format of the entries in the COM catalogue which conforms in substance with the card catalogue format but does embody certain variations which, if left unexplained may prove confusing at first glance. The most obvious change is the allocation of a unique control number for each item located at the bottom of the entry followed by the call number and the accession numbers. The COM catalogue being a union catalogue of the holdings of the Main Library and its branch libraries of the Law, Medical and A cademy Islam faculties as well as those of the Library of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies would contain the call numbers allocated by these various institutions to an item held concurrently by all of them. Since call numbers may vary in accordance with the scheme of classification adhered to by the institution concerned, they are listed in a certain prescribed order. In like manner, the accession number (comprising nine characters) of an item is preceded by a unique numeric characters to distinguish the collection where it is sited. Thus at a glance the reader is aware of the number of copies and the location of an item.

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