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Koleksi Keratan Akhbar
Zainab Awang Ngah,
A collection of newspaper clippings from four newspapers was started by the National Collection Division in April 1983. One of the objectives of this venture was to enrich available materials on the Malay world, in line with the original concept behind the establishment of the Division. A ttention therefore, was given to disciplines which covered politics, socio-economic conditions, religion and customs of the Malay world, as reflected in Section A [of the list of subjects covered}, given at the end of the article. Cuttings in other areas which touched indirectly on the Malay world or which were found to be of importance and of use to researchers, as shown in Section B, were also collected. To date 17 subject areas are covered which may grow in accordance with the needs of time.

Koleksi Mikroform di Perpustakaan Universiti Malaya: Satu Tinjauan
Azizah Mohammad Nor,
Microform is a generic term for all types of micro photographic reproduction which can be either transparent or opaque or in the form of reels and sheets. Due to its micro size, it can only be viewed by using a microform reader which can bring back its reduced size to the normal size. The microform collection of the UM library arose out of the need to preserve certain library materials such as manuscripts, special collections, theses and academic exercises, papers presented at local conferences and library files etc. in a compact, lightweight and relatively permanent record. This article dicusses briefly the history and functions of the micrographic unit, microform formats, equipment and micrographic services provided in the library.

Services for the Blind at the UM Library
B. Krishnan,
Universiti Malaya mula mengambil penuntut-penuntut buta pada tahun 7970. Memandangkan keperluan khas golongan pelajar inl, satu perkhidmatan khas disediakan di Perpustakaan UM bagi menolonq mereka mengikuti kursus masing-masing tanpa sebarang halangan. Mahalah ini meninjau sedikit sebanyak ten tang kemadahan-kemudahan yang terdapat di Perpustakaan UM bagi penuntut buta. Bahagian Odio ditubuhkan pada tahun 7978 untuk memberi perkhidmatan istimewa kepada mereka ini. Antara lain, bahagian ini mengadakan suatu projek untuk merakamkan buku-buku teks yang diwajibkan bagi sesuatu kursus ke dalam pita keset. Koleksi pita keset ini disimpan di Bahagian Odio untuk rujukan. Kemudahan lain seperti karel (bllik bacaan kecil] juga disediakan bagi pelajar buta di Perpustakaan UM.

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