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Volume 7, Issue 2

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The MUS at the IPT: a Comparison with American Masters' Programmes; with some Recommendations for the Future
Dr. Eloise S. Pettus,
A study is made of the curriculum of American library schools. The Masters' in Library and Information Science (MUS) Programme at the University of Malaya generally compares favourably with American library school requirements, but some changes are suggested. Other comments regarding the Programme are also made

The Malaysiana Conference Collection of the University of Malaya Library: The First Phase
Zainab Awang Ngah,
The first phase in the establishment of the Malaysiana Conference Collec tion began in 7984 and involved locating and collating all proceedings of conferences held locally and papers concerning Malaysia for those held abroad which were already available within the Main Library and bringing them into a special 'Conference Collection' kept within the National Collection Division (NCD) for reference purposes. Simultaneously, form letters were also sent out to request for proceedings of conferences currently held within the country. All papers of these conferences are indexed according to their subject matter and the subject cards filed in the 'Conference Index Card Catalogue' kept outside the NCD. Figures based on statistics compiled in December 7987 showed that there were' 2076 titles of conferences in the Collection which contained about 20,000 papers. Figures also sho ...e..d. that borrowing from this Collection has steadily increased since July 7984, which clearly indicated the usefulness of this collec tion as a source of reference for undergraduates and researchers alike.

The Transmission of Liaozhai Zhiyi in the Malay World
Kow Mei Kao,
The first translation of Liaozhai Zhiyi appeared in Batavia in 1895. This translation contained about 28 stories on the supernatural including the 'Lien Hsiang' (Lian Xiang) that really originated from Liaozhai Zhiyi. Also included in' this translation were stories from other Chinese classics. In fact, six years before that 'Lien Hsiang' was already translated into Baba Malay in Singapore. In 1915 another translation of Liaozhai Zhiyi appeared in jakarta but it was almost identical to the original version. Similarly there was also another translation of 'Lien Hsiang' in 1938. However, in 1965 Neo [o-len translated three stories that had not before been translated into Malay in a work entitled Sastera Tionghua Sa-pintas Lalu. The supernatural featured in most of the translations; it was seldom known that besides the supernatural about half of the 500 stories dealt with common everyday life.

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