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Volume 14, Issue 3

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Potential Contribution of CD-ROMTechnology to Libraries of Educational Institutions in Malaysia
Wan Ab. Kadir Wan Dollah,
In this article the author attempts to clarify the concept of CD-ROM. CD-ROM as an optical information system is not only capable of extending the scope of information in the library, but it can also be regarded as a teaching and learning tool based on sophisticated technology. The author discusses some learning characteristics of CD-ROM and how this technology can be utilised. The article also outlines the management implications when this technology is being introduced.

Medical Databases in the University of Malaya Library: POPLlNE, HEALTHPLAN, CCIS, IMMUNOLOGY & AIDS
Janaki Sinnasamy,
It is generally known that doctors use the MEDLINE database mostfortheirliterature search. However, they must know that there are other medical databases available such as the PSYCLlT, CANCERLlT, AIRDSLlNE, etc. Some of these have yet to gain popularity and recognition among the medical personnel. Similarly the allied health personnel, such as the nurses, also tend to use only the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL). Databases such as HEALTHPLAN, POPLINE are useful reference tools for them as the subject emphasis is more on the non-clinical aspects. Medical D

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