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Malay Literary Prize Winners: a Study of the Awards, the Organizers and the Authorship Patterns.
Zainab Awang Ngah,
In this article the author describes the prizes offered for creative literary works written in the Malay Language between 1946 and 1993. The organizers involved in offering these awards are identified and tabulated in terms of the frequency of their total prizes as well as by category of organizers. Government agencies ranked top for the highest number of prizes offered. The author also describes the authorship pattern for prize winning titles in terms of total winnings as well as by different categories of creative works, i.e. novels, dramas, poetry and short stories. The Bibliometrics Toolbox was used to obtain ranked frequency tables of the variables studied and Quattro Pro was. used to construct charts and an XY graph.

Last update: 14-08-2014