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Volume 15, Issue 4

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Zoraini Wati Abas,
The Internet has changed the appearance of libraries and how librarians work today. The library is no longer confined to the four walls of a building. It has, instead, extended into cyberspace. Many librarians have gone into cyberspace to locate on-line resources. Some librarians have also helped organize the materials via their home pages. Library patrons are now, fortunately, able to visit famous libraries around the world. They can also make an author search, title searc~ or subject search on the Internet. All these can be done in the comfort of the home or office at the click of a mouse or tapping of the keyboard keys. What are some of the online libraries? What are some of the books available on the Internet? Are librarians becoming cybrarians? These are among the highlights of the article .

Last update: 14-08-2014