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Laporan Kajian Kepuasan Pengguna Perpustakaan Universiti Malaya 2008
Koh Ai Peng & Nor Hazidah Awang,
The Library User Survey 2008 was carried out from 16 October to 15 November 2008. A questionnaire was designed and distributed to users online via UM e-survey and manually within the library. Users were asked to evaluate the collection, facilities/services and staff of the library. More than 1400 questionnaires were collected and analysed using SPSS version 17.00.

Proses Pembuatan Gambus Masyarakat Melayu Brunei Sabah
Abd Aziz Abdul Rashid,
Various modern music are an important part of Malay Bruneian ethnic in Sabah. Traditional gambus or oud is still practiced among the old and new generation. The Fiesta Gambus of Sabah has been celebrated for the 10th consecutive years, which consists of contests and performance. It has been observed that there are some factors of sociocultural dan economics influence in the preservation of gambus. Malay Bruneian ethnic in Sabah, are settled mostly in the west coast of Sabah, and from Kota Kinabalu to the town of Sipitang. The “life centre” of gambus is located at Papar District especially at the Bongawan town and surrounding area. The reason is the ability of the Malay Bruneian in producing gambus, its song and rythm, philosophy and their believe towards gambus. The Project of Clarifying Fact, under the Malaysian Museum Department focused to the process of making gambus; from the choosing of the tree, traditional making practices, believing during the process till the completion of the gambus. Today, the gambus maker still exists, from both old generation (60th years old and obove) and young generation (below 40th years old). There have several gambus makers from the old generation and only one gambus maker from the young. This paper has documented four of the gambus makers, but one maker was chosen to reveal the process of making, the rest are referred as comparison especially in the making stage.

Exploring the Readiness of Undergraduates for Web 2.0 Integration in the Information Skills Course
Zanaria Saupi Udin,
GXEX1401 is a compulsory university course designed to equip students with skills that will enable them to find information independently using IT system in the library. This study explores the readiness of students for Web 2.0 integration in information skills course. A questionnaire was designed and then distributed to 400 local students of GXEX1401 from randomly selected sessions in Semester 1 year 2009/2010. The outcome shows that the outlook is promising and the majority of the students have given positive feedback with the exception of a few who could be encouraged and motivated further in specific outreach activities. By deploying Web 2.0 tools and using active learning methods in future, it is hoped that more students will be engaged as provision for learning becomes more enriched and enjoyable. There are other factors though that should be given due consideration and be further explored to ensure the objectives of the course are met.

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