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Volume 29, Issue 2

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Ian Proudfoot
Janaki Sinnasamy,

Interaktif: Portal Web Sumber Digital dan Perkhidmatan Dalam Talian Perpustakaan Universiti Malaya
Mahbob Yusof,
Interaktif is a user-driven information system developed and hosted by the University of Malaya Library (UML), which functions as a gateway to online digital resources and library services. The client-server application with web interface was launched in August 2002 and UML is the first in Malaysia to offer such a web portal service. Interaktif creates, maintains, compiles and packages more than 70, 000 index of subscribed digital resources, including over 20, 000 titles of e-journals and 50 ,000 titles of e-books for easy access by users. Interaktif has been equipped with recommendation and personalization engines to reduce overload for users by presenting the most relevant information, thus saves users precious time. Recommendation engine 'pushes' the most relevant resources to users. However, users are not limited only to those resources chosen for them - all users are given access to all resources. Personalization engine gives users the opportunity to create and populate a personalized MyLibrary. Interaktif also provides online interactive publication supply service where users can request and check the status of request in real time. Interaktif collects, analyzes, and reports data related to the use of digital resources for various managerial and operational purposes especially to justify the growing expenditure. With Interaktif, the Library has taken a step ahead in improving services to its users by working with its digital resources and services to enhance access and functionality.

Last update: 14-08-2014